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Professional Proofreading and Editing services at affordable costs

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We provide dedicated proofreading and editing services for PhD theses, dissertations, research papers, books, as well as other written content. 

Proofreading looks at basics like grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalisation. It costs £8.60 per 1000 words.

Editing looks at all the proofreading basics plus sentence structure, word choice and academic style and tone. It costs £10.50 per 1000 words.


We highly value the effort you put in your writing and it's of paramount importance that your work remains authentic. As such, we use the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word so you can see where changes are made or suggested, and then you can accept or reject them as you see fit. 



Breakthrough Proofreading is a dedicated English proofreading and editing service. We serve writers of all kinds including PhD and Masters students, Undergraduate students, book authors, bloggers, and other writers.


The service does not only benefit writers whose first language is not English (ESL), but also native English speakers. Anyone can make a grammatical or spelling mistake and it is worth having the work checked to promote high quality publications.


The founder and CEO of Breakthrough Proofreading, Dr. Tendai Dube is a qualified, and an experienced English teacher who has also written a PhD thesis as well as dissertations in Computer Science, and also published research papers. She has a background in Humanities.

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"I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Dr T Dube for the expert editing of my thesis. The feedback was timeous and informative. She extended beyond the basic errors to the content and even made me think about the rationale for some of the choices that I had made in the research process. Her editorial skill and attention to detail consequently made me a better writer." Belinda R Musodza (PhD candidate)

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